The Sabbath

For a long time I have totally depended on my weekends for “getting things done.” Saturdays are usually spent running errands, cleaning the house, and going to the grocery store. After church on Sundays I would almost look forward to doing the laundry and roping my husband into getting another “house project” done and ticked off of the never-ending list.

Which is why I wasn’t exactly sure what to think when, during one of our many latenight conversations, my dear husband suggested that we actually start resting on the Sabbath. Resting? On a Sunday?? I immediately started thinking of the things that weren’t going to get done on my carefully planned schedule. I immediately wondered if this was just my husband’s way of getting out of putting in the new kitchen sink and new bathroom faucet I had put on the house project list for next Sunday. I will admit that I was not happy with this plan.

I tried rationalizing the whole situation. After all, getting all of the things on my to-do list done on the weekend put me in a good mood (sometimes), helped me to be less stressed during the week (good for my husband, right?), and just made for an all-around Happier Me. But therein lies the rub. It was all about Me. Fortunately, I put my ego aside for a moment and asked myself the tried and true question: How do I respond to God in this situation?

How do I respond to God in light of who He is and what He says in His Word about the Sabbath?

I am happy to say that my husband and I are now observers of the Sabbath in every sense of the word. I no longer find myself thinking during church about the tasks I’m going to get done afterwards. The day seems longer, more relaxed, and I find myself looking forward to time spent observing a day that God designed for rest, both mental and physical. And the added joy of today’s Sabbath? I started re-reading one of my favorite childhood books, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. What a joy!


2 thoughts on “The Sabbath

  1. Hi Meg! Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment! I love the title of your blog as a Woman in His Image is what I long to be. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on this topic!

    Blessings – Monica

  2. Hots! I am reading Hauerwas and Wiilimon’s “The Truth About God, The Ten Commandments in Christian Life.” The chapter on the Sabbath was convicting! Our setting apart this day in full trust, that is if we don’t work, God will still provide, is part of our witness to the world. Part of out “set apartness.” I was convicted that I am looking a whole lot like the world when my Sundays are as full as my Mondays! I have a copy of the book to give you. Thanks for the blog! Janejane

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