Bless the Lord, O My Soul Part II

Thinking more about my last post…

I think for most Christians it is much easier to praise the Lord, and generally to feel more worshipful, when we feel like God is actively forgiving, healing, redeeming, crowning, and satisfying his creation as the psalmist describes in Psalm 103.

But what about the other times? What about the days when I feel anything but healed? when the world around me feels anything but redeemed? when it feels like there are weights around my ankles dragging me down into the pit instead of a crown on my head of steadfast love and mercy?

I want to better understand what praise looks, sounds, and feels like on days like that. On those days, I tend to sink into my familiar world of sadness and depression. Instead, I want my mind to be renewed so that I can recognize that those are the days when praise is most essential. Those are the days when I need to simply praise Him because He is God and I am not.


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