In the press: “Harshest Words Saved for Britney’s Body”

Ugh. I am so incredibly disturbed by this. How many headlines in the national press can be devoted each day to the undeserved, irrational, misdirected criticism of Britney Spears’ body?

This is a young woman who has given birth to two children in a short span of time. She is one female entertainer out of many who performed at the MTv Video Music Awards. Yes, she is a public figure and apparently that makes her life open to the unrelenting criticism of the media and the general public. Does Britney deserve this? Does any woman who chooses a life in the public eye deserve this? Does any woman in any walk of life deserve this?

I have no trust in the entertainment media. I am just acutely aware of the millions of girls, young women, and yes even adult women who are out there reading these criticisms of Britney’s body and comparing her body to their own. These are women and girls who many times are not aware of the bias they are secretly building against themselves in their own minds day after day as they view the millions of images of “perfect” women’s bodies provided so generously by the American media.

I rest in knowing that we are women created in God’s image and this image has nothing to do with the shape, fitness, or firmness of our human bodies. In fact, the Hebrew word for “image” used in Genesis 1:26-27 comes from an unused root word meaning phantom, illusion, resemblance, or a representative figure.

Sisters, we are in essence phantoms and illusions of Yahweh on earth. Praise God.


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