Real beauty…get the word out!

Some of you may be familiar with the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty.” I became aware of it through their print and TV ads over the last few years featuring real women with real bodies smiling and (I think) happily thumbing their noses at the “ideal” ultra-thin supermodel type. We all know the type…we’re assaulted with it regularly by the magazine rack in every grocery store aisle in every supermarket in every city across America.

Little did I know all of the wonderful aspects of this Campaign! I think Dove is taking the issue of positive self esteem for women and girls to a new level in the advertising industry. There are links for Moms and mentors, information on “real beauty” workshops, short films about body image and self-esteem, and lots more.

Check out the powerful video at the link below. In the words of Kathy, my aunt/friend/sister in recovery who sent me the link: “This is a really powerful message. Especially if you have a daughter or ever were a daughter.”  Right on!


One thought on “Real beauty…get the word out!

  1. I LOVE this campaign and I’m thrilled you do, too! I confess that during one Dove commercial I was taken aback by some of the tummies on the women. It was then that I realized I was shocked because you never see bellies on tv women at all! It’s terrible that women in entertainment have to be a size 0 or 2–so false and so misleading to men and women alike.

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