Notes from A Woman’s Heart – Week 3

Summary notes from Week 3 of A Woman’s Heart ~ God’s Dwelling Place

After giving Israel both their freedom from Egypt and their sustenance in the wilderness, God invites the Israelites to participate in the construction of the tabernacle by the giving of a freewill offering. While the amount they could offer was unrestricted and should come “from every man whose heart moves him” (Exodus 25:2b), the items they could offer were very specific (Exodus 25:3-7). The response of the Israelites to the freewill offering was so overwhelming that the giving was halted because there was “much more than enough” (Exodus 26:3-7). Compare these passages in Exodus with Paul’s instructions for freewill offerings in 2 Corinthians 9:6-11. Think about the fact that God’s desire for our freewill offerings as a response to His goodness and provision in our lives has not changed.

We will see in the weeks to come that each of the items God instructed the Israelites to give was very symbolic and there are many reasons why each material was significant. Gold signified rarity and purity and represented God’s deity. Silver represented redemption and atonement. Bronze represented strength and judgment. The precious stones represented God’s children. The blue linens would remind Israel that the tabernacle was from the heavens. The purple linens represented royalty, kingship, and elegance. The scarlet linens represented bloodshed, pain, and sacrifice. And finally, God chose to fill Bezalel, a man from the tribe of Judah, with the Holy Spirit to enable him with the intelligence, ability, knowledge, and craftsmanship necessary to construct the divine sanctuary (Exodus 31:1-11)

But again, Israel was impatient. When Moses did not return from the mountain fast enough they demanded that Aaron create gods for them. Aaron did what they asked yet did not take responsibility for his actions (Exodus 32:24). Israel would soon realize that their grievous sin put their entire relationship with God at risk. God tells Moses that He would no longer be with Israel, as His very presence among them would destroy them in their sinful state (Exodus 33:3-5). At the same time, their sin would allow Moses to have “the most elevated glimpse of God [he] has ever had and will have” (NIV Application Commentary pg. 583).

What was the elevated glimpse of God that Moses was allowed to have?

  • God’s affectability: God gave His creation the ability to affect Him – He permits this to happen (Psalm 30:5a). He is omniscient, yet still participates in the human experience. He felt the effect of Israel’s sin (Exodus 33:1-6).
  • God’s friendship: Moses enjoyed the intimacy of friendship with God. God spoke with Moses face to face (or “presence to presence”) as a man speaks to his friend (Exodus 33:11). Compare this notion of friendship with Jesus’ words in John 15:13-15.
  • God’s presence: God’s presence was to accompany Israel and give them rest (Exodus 33:14) as well as distinguish them from all other peoples (Exodus 33:16). God’s presence meant both comfort and identity. Compare the importance of God’s presence to Israel and the promise of Christ’s presence in John 14:21.
  • God’s glory: God allowed Moses to affect His decision and chose to remain with Israel because His goodness and glory are inseparable and He is a God of compassion (Exodus 33:18-19).

Viewer Guide answers (pages 70 & 71 of your study book):

  1. affectability
  2. friendship
  3. Presence, anxiety; with; significance
  4. glory

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  1. Thanks for this! I was bummed I couldn’t make it this week….out of town to the great north we call Minnesota…see you next week!

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