Catholics and Choice

Thanks to readers Kathy and Beth for their thoughtful comments on my recent post regarding Christianity and the issue of reproductive choice. I value them both so much because they speak from lives influenced by the Catholic Church.

I want to refer any interested readers to the website for Catholics For Choice. The President of this organization came to Lincoln, NE several years ago to speak at our local Planned Parenthood’s annual dinner. It was an amazing speech and very encouraging for the Catholic women in the audience who have grown increasingly disturbed by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz‘s leadership of the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln.

Christians who are concerned with issues of reproductive choice must be informed about the undeniable and massive amount of influence the Catholic church has worldwide on the issues of reproductive choice, particularly the availability of basic contraception for women around the world who want to control their fertility and family size. As the Catholics for Choice website says: “Catholic or not, the Catholic church’s role in influencing public policy affects YOU through limiting the availability of reproductive health services.”

The influence of the Catholic Church in international affairs is enabled by the status of the Holy See (the government of Vatican City and the Roman Catholic Church) as a “permanent observer” in the United Nations. In 2004, the Holy See gained full membership (albeit non-voting) in the United Nations. This move was unprecedented, since all other religious organizations participate in the United Nations as non-governmental organizations.


3 thoughts on “Catholics and Choice

  1. Lincoln is in the top 5 cities in the US to have a strict diocese (girls may not be altar “boys”, for example).That’s why so many Catholics here either love or hate it (and why a lot of priests want to stay here).

  2. Hello,

    With all due respect, from one Christian to another, I must point out that you are using the language of Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups instead of the language of the Gospel and Christianity.

    You write: “Christians who are concerned with issues of reproductive choice.” You should know that the phrase “reproductive health/Choice” is simply a way for the killing of babies in the womb to continue under the guise of “healthcare.” It’s pretend language, thought up to deceive people.

    Please, don’t be deceived by secular, political arguments that wish to dispense with children and the culture of life in America.

    The way that we write and speak has a big effect on how we think. Always think with Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

    Thank you!

    • As a nurse who went to a Catholic nursing school I can tell you that the phrase “reproductive health” does not refer to “killing babies in the womb…under the guise of healthcare.” It refers to the whole health of a woman who is of reproductive age. I will agree with you that there is a lot of “pretend language” in the abortion debate. The term “pro-life” is one term that is particularly ridiculous and inaccurate considering many of these same people don’t apply the term “pro-life” to the issue of the death penalty. I doubt they call themselves “pro-death” when it comes to that issue although it would certainly be applicable. But that’s another topic altogether…

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