Coming Soon! Ecclesiastes Bible Study!

Starting on June 9, I hope you will join us for a “virtual” Bible study of Ecclesiastes brought to you by Women In His Image!

  • Do you ever wonder why at times nothing seems to make sense in the world?
  • Do you ever question if God is really sovereign in all matters, both big and small?
  • If we can gain wisdom through observation and experience and become “good at the craft of life” do we really need Biblical wisdom?
  • What can we gain by searching for life’s meaning “under the sun”?
  • What does “the fear of the Lord” really mean for our daily lives?

Our loving and merciful God speaks through Ecclesiastes to answer all of these questions and many more!

You will be studying alongside a group of awesome women at Grace Chapel (PCA) in Lincoln, NE, as we delve deeply and thoughtfully into this incredible portion of Scripture. For more information, look in the left side bar for the section called “Ecclesiastes Bible Study” ~ Looking forward to studying God’s word with you!


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