Ecclesiastes Bible Study: Week 2

I was so encouraged to see yet more new people at Grace Chapel on Monday night for our Ecclesiastes Bible study! And while I thought that a talk about “empiricism” and the “empirical method” might make some of the women’s eyes glaze over in boredom, I actually got very good feedback after the lesson that this part was really interesting! We also had a great discussion about wisdom of the world and how we as Christians should respond to non-believers about Biblical wisdom.

Please see the left side bar for the Week 2: Wisdom and Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 Summary Notes and Week 3 Homework.

Take note in the Week 2 summary notes of “An example of when empiricism fails” — I think that this is a powerful example of Satan’s lie to our original parents that what God had defined as good was not good enough. The enemy continues to lie to us today, telling us that our efforts at determining wisdom could somehow be superior to God’s ability to define wisdom for us.

See you next week!


One thought on “Ecclesiastes Bible Study: Week 2

  1. Hey Meg–thanks for posting all of the info (and next week’s homework–you rock!)
    I won’t be able to make it this Monday (long story short, I have to tutor 2 family members in math who haven’t been in school in over 30 years so they can pass a certain test on wednesday!) but I am really looking forward to reading what you have to say about next week’s lesson!
    Please save me a copy of the paperwork!

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