Ecclesiastes Bible Study: Week 3

In Week 3 of our study, we looked at the Preacher’s initial investigation into wisdom and his first attempts to determine from his own experience what is “hebel” (futile, fleeting, meaningless) and what is “tob” (good) in the world. Can you guess his conclusion? All is fleeting and the “pursuit of wind” but at the same time we are given a “present inheritance” in this life under the sun: contentment, enjoyment, and the recognition of God’s ultimate goodness.

Please see the left side bar for the Week 3: Ecclesiastes 1:1-12 – 2:26 Summary Notes and Week 4 Homework.

Are you fully enjoying your “present inheritance”? I hope that we can all marvel at the sovereignty of God in not only His provision of all good gifts but also the ability to enjoy them!

See you next week!

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