New blogs (at least new to me)

I received 2 great blog recommendations recently:

Create Radiance — “Empowering people to create radiant lives from the inside out” — lots of great thoughts related to positive body image and learning (or re-learning) to love yourself for the beautiful creature you are.

Eating Disorders Blogs — “Supporting recovery from bulimia, anorexia, and related issues” — a kind of “meta-blog” with links to blogs related to ED and ED-related issues. Also has newsletters, free articles, and a therapist directory.

Check them out!


3 thoughts on “New blogs (at least new to me)

  1. Please also check out The Beautiful Women Project. Our message is simple yet powerful: It is the sum of a woman’s life experiences that make her beautiful. This photo-documentary profiles the lives of thirty five women ranging in age from three through ninety. They share their life stories to show that beauty is so much more than a person’s physical being – their beauty shines through them.

  2. HI! Thanks for visiting Create Radiance blog!!!
    i am excited to check yours out and will add you to my blogroll.

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