The Beautiful Women Project

Wow! Thanks to reader Nancy Bruno for bringing my attention to an amazing project going on with our sisters in Ontario, Canada!

In the group’s own words, the Beautiful Women Project “is a teaching and healing tool for women and girls, men and boys. The foundation of the project is a touring art exhibition of 120 clay torsos of real women, aged nineteen to ninety-one. The mission of this not-for-profit project is to raise awareness about the link between self-worth, self-identity and physical appearance.”

A portion of their website shows women who have survived breast cancer and made clay casts of their “reshaped” bodies — what an amazing expression of the strength and resilience of these survivors!

You can support the Beautiful Women Project by sponsoring an exhibition in a local art gallery or exhibition space, or partnering with local organization to bring the project to your community. What an excellent idea.


One thought on “The Beautiful Women Project

  1. The Beautiful Women Project which you have let your readers know about is doing great work, but the Beautiful Women Project which I wrote to you about is located in the United States. The Beautiful Women Project ( is a traveling photo-documentary exhibit, which also works with community organizations, univerisities, and school districts promoting self awareness, body image issues, self esteem, and positive role models for women of all ages. I would truly appreciate it if you could visit this project’s web site and let your readers know about our work as well. Nancy Bruno

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