In the press: “Not-quite-so-thin is in for models at Fashion Week”

According to this report from the AP, models at New York’s Fashion Week were “up to” sizes 2 and 4 instead of the usual size 0…this is somehow considered an improvement.

Did you know that in 2006 at least two models died from complications linked to eating disorders?


5 thoughts on “In the press: “Not-quite-so-thin is in for models at Fashion Week”

  1. I suppose we must look at this as progress..I mean at least I actually know females who wear 2’s and 4’s…of course they’re all 12 years old! HA! But, I fully agree with Sarah M, until we start seeing “ourselves” on the runways, on tv, and in magazines, we will continue to feel less than.

  2. The last woman who won “America’s Next Top Model” was supposedly a “plus size” model, but I see on the internet that she is size 8.

  3. PS to my last comment…I read somewhere that Marilyn Monroe was actually a size 14. I actually went around and asked a few of my male friends what size they thought she was, they all said between 0-4. They couldn’t believe it when I told them. It just goes to show that what we see in ads/media is what we will be defined as attracted to (generally speaking).
    However, I don’t know how the sizing was determined back then, but I assume it was slightly different than now.
    Someone I really love to see in ads and on TV is America Ferrera. She is beautiful and like the first movie I saw her in, a “Real Woman who has Curves!”

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