Coming Up on 9/22! New Beth Moore study with the women of Grace Chapel

On Monday 9/22, the women of Grace Chapel in Lincoln, NE, are beginning the latest Beth Moore study “Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent” and we are very excited! Won’t you join us?

This will be an in-depth look at Psalms 120 through 134, which were the psalms sung by the Hebrew people on their pilgramages to Jerusalm for the three major yearly festivals — Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.

For those of you attending the study at Grace, here are some notes and helpful reminders to help prepare you for the study:

Study Book

While a study book is not required, the lessons are an essential companion to the DVD lesson series and are highly recommended. You will quadruple what you learn of God’s word by using the study book!

There will be 6 weeks of homework, and each week consists of 5 daily homework lessons that should take approximately 45 minutes each to complete. Many women use their daily quiet time to complete the lessons, or use the lessons as a great way to establish a daily quiet time.

Cost of the study book plus shipping and handling is approximately $13 plus tax. Please do not put your payment in the Sunday offering bag as it may get lost in the shuffle and I need to keep track of those who have paid. Payment can be made by cash or check made out to Grace Chapel. Payment can be made at Bible study.

Monday Meetings

This study is 7 weeks long, so we will be meeting every Monday night from 7-9 pm until November 3. Please plan to meet for approximately 2 hours on Mondays to discuss questions from the previous week’s lesson (30-45 minutes) and watch the current week’s DVD lesson (~1 hour). I also want to include prayer and social time after each meeting if anyone wants to stick around.

Blog Review

For those who may have to miss a Monday meeting, please visit this blog where I plan to summarize the lesson from Monday night. Look for the heading “Notes from Psalms of Ascent” under Categories in the left sidebar. I’ll go over the main points so that you won’t feel lost or behind the following Monday.

We hope that there might be women who regularly frequent the Women In His Image blog who will join in the study with us. Feel free to leave comments on the blog posts, ask questions, or just let us know that you are with us!


One thought on “Coming Up on 9/22! New Beth Moore study with the women of Grace Chapel

  1. wish i could be a part! i’m a little behind, but i’m ordering a workbook right now. dixie and karen told me about it, i bought the intro session on itunes, and by the end i was bawling and like, “WHERE do I SIGN??!?!” :) i’m excited to follow up on here as i get started with it in a couple of days.

    (ps — we have GOT to meet in person when i come home for two weeks in december! i don’t think we’ll ever be at grace, but maybe we can hang with dixie together..)

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