Photos from 2008 Haiti Medical Mission Trip!

Hello friends–

Thanks to our friend Bryan Becker, we have a site for our photos from the 2008 Grace Chapel medical mission to Haiti. Check it out!


Are you part of the advent conspiracy?

It’s time! Consumerism is killing us and we should not be shamed into spending our hard-earned money at Christmas on crap made in China to stimulate the American economy.

Christmas is about JESUS! This season, love on your family and friends. Love on other people.  Love on complete strangers. Be a part of the conspiracy!


This blog has been neglected lately and I apologize to my faithful readers! I crashed physically after my return from Haiti and it took awhile to get back up to speed. Oh yeah, and I turned 38 years old this past week so I needed a little extra rest…

But here’s the latest news: you can look forward to a new upcoming Bible study offering at Women In His Image! We will begin a study of Ephesians in mid-January and, as always, I will be posting study notes and homework questions here on the site so you can follow along out there in the blogosphere.

I know that the ladies at Grace Chapel are looking forward to another study and so am I. Please pray for me as I put together the lesson plan and pour over my various commentaries and textbooks in preparation for the study. I have been learning a TON about Ephesians in the last month and it is very exciting indeed!