Updated Posts

The Ephesians Bible study posts from Week 1 and Week 2 have been updated so they are more readable. Thanks for the notification that the formatting was off — I appreciate it!


2 thoughts on “Updated Posts

  1. hey Meg,
    I forgot to write a comment to the first week–but have loved yoru outlines/questions thus far! I don’t know much about predestination, but Stefan has an awesome commentary that REALLY helped explain it-if you’d like I could type it out and send it to your email (it is a book’s page worth). It is fascinating and simple to understand. Let me know if you’d be interested.
    Thanks for having this on your blog–I have been feeling pretty tired by the end of the night and just can’t commit to any weekly thing (with the exception of Stefan’s home group idea)…even my knitting group I’ve only been going to once or twice a month . This ‘on my own’ thing is working perfectly for the season of life I’m in now!> THANK YOU!

    • Thanks Sarah! I would love to read the information you have on predestination. I welcome anything that makes this issue easier to comprehend.

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