Destruction in Haiti: What You Can Do to Help


Haiti suffered a 7.3 magnitude earthquake the afternoon of 1/12. Our friends at El Shaddai Ministries are struggling to communicate and find out the status of the hundreds of orphans in their care. Pastor Louis St. Germain, leader of El Shaddai Ministries who lives in the southern city of Les Cayes, had this update today: 

“Access to Les Cayes by road is impossible. A big mountain collapsed. Only by motorbike.
We cannot communicate with Port au Prince, our relatives and friends are missing so far in those areas. We have no news from them. We have no news from our children’s home in Port au prince. In the south most the children and the sites are Okay. Pastor Chry’s house at Chantal was hit. A wall collapsed.
In Les Cayes we wake up in a different city this morning. Until now we still have some aftershocks. Everyone left their home. The people is in the street. There is panic every were. People are afraid.
If Port au Prince, which represents the heart of Haiti is 85%of the population is destroy, we cannot imagine the next few days how it’s going to be if we don’t get any help.
Thank you for your love and your support.”
Pastor Louis St. Germain
Here are resources if you can help our brothers and sisters in Haiti: 
  • Global Orphan Project (Christ-centered organization well-connected with local Haitian networks; currently trying to get 1-2 months extra supply of food to the many orphans close to the epicenter of the quake)
  • Food for the Hungry (Gospel-centered ministry with holistic philosophy of relief and development, currently with first responders coming from the Dominican Republic)
  • American Red Cross (You can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti)
  • Mission to North America (This is the Haitian church-planting arm of the PCA where you can donate directly to the Haitian locals of El Shaddai Ministries who know firsthand the needs of their own people)