Mr. Rogers Goes to Washington

What would this world have been like without Mr. Rogers? This clip is a testament to this man who has worked tirelessly to bring positive messages to our nation’s children — it is about 7 minutes long but totally worth your time. He is amazing!¬†God bless you Fred Rogers!


Welcome to the world Baby Selah

Our precious daughter, Selah Noel, came into the world on February 13, 2010. She is a beautiful, amazing reflection of God’s grace. We were told by the experts¬†that we would likely never conceive a child on our own. More specifically, we were given a 0%-4% chance of conceiving naturally. Glory to God that He had other plans. We did conceive naturally and now have a healthy baby girl as a testament to God’s grace and sovereignty in our lives.

We chose the name Selah because it means to pause and reflect. We pray that our daughter will live life in this way — as a child of God who takes the time to savor life and reflect on the blessings of God at every twist and turn. We love you Baby Selah. You are nothing but pure joy to me and your Daddy.