Welcome to the world Baby Selah

Our precious daughter, Selah Noel, came into the world on February 13, 2010. She is a beautiful, amazing reflection of God’s grace. We were told by the experts that we would likely never conceive a child on our own. More specifically, we were given a 0%-4% chance of conceiving naturally. Glory to God that He had other plans. We did conceive naturally and now have a healthy baby girl as a testament to God’s grace and sovereignty in our lives.

We chose the name Selah because it means to pause and reflect. We pray that our daughter will live life in this way — as a child of God who takes the time to savor life and reflect on the blessings of God at every twist and turn. We love you Baby Selah. You are nothing but pure joy to me and your Daddy.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the world Baby Selah

  1. She is a most beautiful child. As you so sweetly expressed, as a result of God’s grace and sovereignty in your lives – He gave you the gift of this amazing little baby. And in the simple act of naming your child, you revealed much about how you intend to parent her and help her navigate her way through life. From the few lines that you’ve written about this precious life, it is clear to me that God saw your hearts and chose to give Selah the gift of being born into your family – the gift of parents who understand how precious she is and that it is an honor to be entrusted with her care.
    I can almost hear the angels rejoicing over the love in your home as you received Selah into your hearts.

  2. Oh, and I neglected to say
    I will keep you all in my prayers as you come to mind.
    (And dare I ask – which pronunciation have you chosen for Selah???)

  3. Wow….I have not been here in a long time…and just saw this…
    Congrats! How very precious…we serve an amazing God…blessings to you…one of ny very first encouragers when I started my blog…

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