2013…Jesus Calling

As I begin to think about blogging again, I realized that I should probably review my “About Me” page to see if it is still relevant! Probably the most upsetting thing was having to change “thirty-something” to “forty-something” but hey…not much I can do about that. The goal of this blog is still relatively the same, although God has certainly been moving in my life differently since I became a mother almost 3 years ago. I realize more acutely that time is extremely limited and I don’t want to miss a moment of my daughter’s life if I can help it.

This year I will be re-reading Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling devotional and blogging about it each week. If you haven’t picked up this devotional, you should (there’s even a gorgeous leather edition). I can’t count the number of times of the last year that I shared her words with a friend or family member, either by email, Facebook, or even snapping a photo of the day’s message with my iPhone and sending it via text message. It is amazing!! I will of course try to post about other things that inspire me, and I welcome suggestions from any readers out there.

Blessings to you in 2013.


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