A prayer for today 3/2/08

Lord, I worship you for your majesty, wisdom, sovereignty, and love. I worship you for your design of creation and your all-encompassing plan and purpose for humankind. I worship you for your forgiveness and grace, and for shedding even the smallest amount of light on your word that I could understand. I worship you because you are worthy to be praised and because you have promised that those who seek shall find. I worship you for your glorious presence in my soul.


A prayer for today 1/4/08

Father God,

You are sovereign over every square inch of my life. Even when I don’t seem to know it or don’t want to admit it. Even when I am so concerned about advancing my own kingdom that I forget that my deepest and greatest desire is to advance Your Kingdom. Thank you for providing sisters in Christ who lift my spirits, provide support and friendship, and remind me that you are present when two or three are gathered together in Your name (Matthew 18:20). Lord, you are everything to me.