Notes from A Woman’s Heart – Introductory Session

Summary notes from the Introductory Session to A Woman’s Heart ~ God’s Dwelling Place

In the Introductory Session, we focused on Exodus 25:8-9 where God provides the following instruction to Moses: “And let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell [Hebrew: “tabernacle”] in their midst. Exactly as I show you concerning the pattern of the tabernacle, and of all its furniture, so you shall make it.”

This scripture reminds us of the amazing fact that God is in absolute, relentless, pursuit of his creation. God pursued Adam even after his disobedience in the garden (“Where are you?” Genesis 3:9). God desired a dwelling place with man and showed Moses specifically how this could happen through the tabernacle. Even now, He is continually in pursuit of us! No matter who we are, where we are, or what season of life we find ourselves, God is pursuing relationship with us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The tabernacle is referenced throughout the Bible, from the first mention in Exodus 25 to the last mention in Revelation 21:3. What does the tabernacle provide for the Israelites? Access, approach, worship, and the very presence of God. Their attention to every detail of construction would be paramount, and we will see why!

The pattern for the tabernacle that God “caused Moses to see” (Exodus 25:40) on the mountain is literally a copy and shadow of a heavenly reality.  God also caused the apostle John to see the tabernacle in Revelation 15:5, “After this I looked, and the sanctuary of the tent [tabernacle] of witness in heaven was opened…” We will worship God and Christ for eternity in this heavenly tabernacle.

We also thought about the notion that “awe precedes faith.” May this study of the Old Testament tabernacle increase our wonder and awe of God. And just as God “caused” Moses and John to see and opened their minds to understand, may He open our minds to understand the meaning of the Old Testament tabernacle.

Viewer Guide answers (page 7 of your study book):

  1. wonder, pursuit.  Where are you?
  2. beauty; consistency; verses, devoted, object; caused to see; copy, heavenly, exhibit, imitation, sketch, tracing
  3. glory, Son; open, mind

Notes from A Woman’s Heart – Welcome Notes

I am so blessed to be leading the women’s Bible study at Grace Chapel this semester. We will be going through the Beth Moore study “A Woman’s Heart ~ God’s Dwelling Place.” I attended this DVD taping when I lived in Houston and attended Houston’s First Baptist, so I can tell you without a doubt that it is fantastic. I am so excited to think about what the Lord will be teaching us! I can’t wait!

For those of you attending the study at Grace, here are some notes and helpful reminders that I provided to the women at our first meeting:

Study Book

  • While a study book is not required, the lessons are an essential companion to the DVD lesson series and are highly recommended. You will quadruple what you learn of God’s word by using the study book!
  • Each week consists of 5 daily homework lessons that should take approximately 45 minutes each to complete. Many women use their daily quiet time to complete the lessons, or use the lessons as a great way to establish a daily quiet time.
  • Cost of the study book plus shipping and handling is $17. Please do not put your payment in the Sunday offering bag as it may get lost in the shuffle and I need to keep track of those who have paid. Payment can be made by cash or check made out to Grace Chapel. Payment can be made at Bible study.

Monday Meetings

  • This study is 11 weeks long, so we will be meeting every Monday night until March 31. Our meeting time will be 7:30-9:30 pm.
  • Please plan to meet for approximately 2 hours on Mondays to discuss questions from the previous week’s lesson (30-45 minutes) and watch the current week’s DVD lesson (~1 hour). I also want to include time for prayer before and/or after each meeting.

Blog Review

  • For those who may have to miss a Monday meeting, please visit this blog where I plan to summarize the lesson from Monday night. Look for the heading “Notes from A Woman’s Heart” under Categories in the left sidebar. I’ll go over the main points so that you won’t feel lost or behind the following Monday.
  • Please feel free to leave messages or comments on the blog, or contact me by email or telephone anytime.