My Daughter, the Princess

This weekend, my almost 3-year-old daughter was invited to a little boy’s birthday party. She is just now “getting” the idea of birthdays and birthday parties, so needless to say she was extremely excited to go. In addition, this little boy is a playmate from church and one of her favorite people. Before we left she announced, “When we get there I am going to give (insert little boy’s name) a big hug and a big kiss and tell him that I am a princess!!”

My first thought was “go for it!” but then I got very emotional and proud of her for having the sweet audacity to tell a young man that she is a princess. You see, growing up I was always quick to give the boys a hug and a kiss but never knew that I also needed to remind them that I am a princess. I didn’t receive that kind of guidance growing up. I didn’t know how to relate to boys other than to do whatever it took to get their attention — positive or negative. God love my Dad, but he just wasn’t there for me in the sense of teaching me about the kind of respect and positive attention that I should expect from a boy. I didn’t learn that until I understood Jesus as my Father and me as His bride.

A dear friend of mine always tells her two foster girls that they are “Daughters of the King” and I am trying to carry that lesson over to my daughter. And a daughter of the King is — you guessed it — a princess. My prayer is that it will be rooted deeply in my daughter’s psyche that she is a Daughter of the Most High King Jesus, that she certainly is a princess in His eyes, and the boys better know who her Daddy is.


Mr. Rogers Goes to Washington

What would this world have been like without Mr. Rogers? This clip is a testament to this man who has worked tirelessly to bring positive messages to our nation’s children — it is about 7 minutes long but totally worth your time. He is amazing!¬†God bless you Fred Rogers!